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Modern-Day Suffragists, Continuing the Work.

A crew of documentary filmmakers in Rochester, NY is the driving force behind Women and the Vote New York State:


LINDA MORONEY is an Emmy-award winning filmmaker, programmer, and educator. Her films often center on community and have been broadcast nationally and shown theatrically in the US and abroad. Linda directs the One Take Documentary Series and Film Festival at the historic Little Theatre in Rochester, NY. She also teaches filmmaking at St. John Fisher College. As the founder of the Rochester Documentary Filmmakers Group and Co-Founder of the Rochester Teen Film Festival, Linda encourages filmmakers of all ages. 

LORRAINE WOERNER is a storyteller who helps small to mid-size organizations bring their brands to life. Owner of Four Cats Creative, she combines the words and images needed to craft clear, concise, and enticing messages across TV, radio, print, and online. 

LAURA CHEKOW is a film educator, justice seeker, animal advocate, and community project coordinator. With a Master's Degree in documentary storytelling and non-profit management, she helps to steer the Rochester Documentary Filmmakers Group. Throughout all her efforts, Laura strives to empower women, foster community, and promote the arts.


CAROL WHITE LLEWELLYN is the Founder of CommuniVision Studio. She hosted and produced six seasons of the award-winning show Conversations with Creatives about artists and their work. In March 2020, Carol co-hosted and produced the multi-episode Zoomcast, Studio to Studio, which focused on the Coronavirus pandemic's impact on various industries. She is currently developing a documentary called The Pink Change Purse: Women, Power, and Money to investigate how social and cultural standards and practices impact women's long-term relationship with money.

Suffragist Search Party Participants

Core Research Team 

Jill Bates

Nancy Becerra

Mary Ellen Capineri—Lead

Tisha Dolton

Jill Johnson

Geri McMahon

Marianne Sargent

Rachel Tiven

Cheryl Ann Tuttle

Additional Research Support

Susan Anderson

Deanna Baker

Joyce  L. Beaman

Kenneth P. Beaman

Sue Bondy

Sue Boland

Ashley Campbell

Ilka Datig

Elaine Ellis

Tracy Higginbotham

Bryanne Jones

Sharon Kovalsky

Danielle Llewellyn 

Ruth MacGowan

Kathleen O'Brien

Sally Parker

Laura Ranalli

Joyce Schachter

Jacqueline Slifkin

Jamia Williams

Serene Williams

Krystyna Wojcik

Nancy Wyman

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