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Zaida Zoller

(1882–1980) Little Falls was regarded as “the hot bed of Herkimer County” for women’s suffrage and Zaida Zoller was central to the activity. Susan B. Anthony and Dr. Anna Howard Shaw were guests at meetings held in the Zoller home. Zaida was chairwoman of the Little Falls Suffrage Club.

In 1916, the Herkimer County Suffrage Convention was held in Little Falls. In 1917, Zaida hosted a Suffrage School meeting. Zaida’s twin brother, Abram (Mayor of Little Falls), spoke on the benefits of women’s suffrage. A suffrage library was also established at the local YMCA. In that same year, Zaida invited Dr. Anna Howard Shaw (past-president of the National American Woman Suffrage Association (NAWSA) to Little Falls to attend a suffrage party at her home. Zaida organized numerous meetings and parades. After the passage of the 19th amendment, she was president of the Little Falls Chapter of the League of Women Voters.


Fairview Cemetery

1274 NY-169 (West Monroe Street), Little Falls, NY 13365

Herkimer County

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