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Sarah Hull Hallock

(1813–1886) Sarah was a Quaker and abolitionist who joined the Friends of Human Progress in the late 1840s. She was also a member of the Women's Loyal National League, the American Equal Rights association, and The National Woman Suffrage Association.

In July 1869, Sarah attended the State suffrage convention held in Saratoga Springs to create a permanent organization for the State of New York. She was elected to the Advisory Counsel for the Third Judicial District from Milton, NY, serving alongside Susan B. Anthony. In 1884, Sarah served as secretary at the convention of residents of the Second Assembly District of Ulster County. At the convention, a resolution was passed to request the Senator and Assemblyman from the county to work for the Woman Suffrage bill.


Friends Cemetery No. 1 (AKA Hicksite Cemetery, Friends Burial Ground)

Maple Avenue, Milton, NY 12547

Ulster County

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