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Roxana Bradley Burrows

(1853–1922) Roxana assumed the presidency of the Lucy Stone Club and in 1904 was elected vice president of the Allegany County Political Equality Club, a county-wide organization devoted to the passage of woman suffrage and affiliated with the New York State Woman Suffrage Association (NYSWSA).

In 1907 Roxana was elected president of the Political Equality Club and would lead the county suffrage organization until the passage of the suffrage amendment in 1917. She served as recording secretary and Chair of the Legislative Committee for NYSWSA in 1910 and 1911. Roxana became the Assembly District Leader covering all of Allegany County when the Political Equality Club reorganized into the Allegany County Woman Suffrage Party (ACWSP) before the 1915 state-wide woman suffrage referendum. In June 1917, she announced at the annual ACWSP convention that there was a chairman in each election district and an enrollment of 5,000 women in force of suffrage in the county, an impressive number given that there were a little over 40,000 inhabitants in the county at the time.

Roxana was a member of the Andover Baptist Church, the Andover Hawthorne Club and active in the Woman's Christian Temperance Union. She also served on the Allegany County Republican General Committee from 1920 until her death. *courtesy


Valley Brook Cemetery

NY-RT 417, Andover, NY 14806

Allegany County

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