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Rose Schneiderman

(1882–1972) Rose was a star orator among New York suffragists. Beginning in 1907, she lectured all over New York City and New York State as a leader of the Equality League for Self-Supporting Women (later called the Women's Political Union), the Women's Trade Union League, and the Wage Earners League for Women's Suffrage.

And yet, Rose is most famous as a labor organizer. She was president of the Women's Trade Union League for decades, an advisor to FDR & Eleanor Roosevelt, and one of few women who played a key role in shaping the landmark legislation of the New Deal: the National Labor Relations Act, the Social Security Act, and the Fair Labor Standards Act.

Years before that, she was also a suffragist. Beginning in 1907, Rose Schneiderman and Leonora O'Reilly were featured speakers at National American Women's Suffrage Association conventions. The white, middle-class and upper-class leaders of the suffrage mainstream were initially wary of working class Jews and Irish, but they warmed up when they saw these fiery activists ignite the crowds. Rose Schneiderman's biographer Annelise Orleck says: "In an age when political oratory was a leading form of entertainment, many contemporaries described her as the most moving speaker they had ever heard." Bio by Rachel B. Tiven .


Maimonides-Elmont Cemetery

Path B30, Lot 390 (near the fence)

90 Elmont Road, Elmont, NY 110039

Nassau County

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