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Rhoda DeGarmo

(1799–1873) Rhoda and her husband Elias were Quakers involved with the Farmington Quarterly meeting that in 1836 sought to make men's and women's meetings more equal. In 1842, she joined the WNY Anti-Slavery Society when it was founded and was active in its annual fairs to support the cause.

The DeGarmos were neighbors of the Daniel and Lucy Anthony family in Gates, NY, and members of a group that met regularly on Sundays at the Anthony's farm to discuss reform issues. They were also active on the Underground Railroad, providing refuge for freedom seekers en route to Canada.

In 1848, Rhoda was chosen as one of the organizers for the Adjourned Woman's Rights Convention held in Rochester that August two weeks after the Women's Rights Convention in Seneca Falls. It was she along with Amy Post and Sarah Fish who decided to nominate a woman, Abigail Bush, to preside at the convention in opposition to the opinion of Elizabeth C. Stanton and Lucretia Mott.

Rhoda was selected as one of several vice-presidents of the NYS Woman's Temperance Society in 1852. In 1872, she was one of the women including Susan B. Anthony, who succeeded in both registering and casting their votes in Rochester.


Mount Hope Cemetery

NE 1/4, Range 2, Lot 152

1133 Mount Hope Avenue, Rochester, NY 14620

Monroe County

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