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Martha J. Hadley Stebbins

(1837–1921) A lifelong resident of Churchville, NY and an educator, Martha was a member of the New York State Woman's Suffrage Association. Martha wrote letters of support and participated in fundraising for New York State Senators who supported the vote for women. Examples of her work are archived in letters written to Mariana Wright Chapman in 1900. Chapman then served as the president of the New York State Woman's Suffrage Association. These letters are part of the Chapman collection at Swarthmore College.

Martha represented New York at the National Conventions during the 1890-1910 time period. At the 1910 state convention, Martha Stebbins was awarded a lifetime membership to this organization through the Mary Anthony Fund.


Creekside Cemetery

L, lot 253, grave 7

N Main St, Churchville, NY 14428

Monroe County

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