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Maritcha Remond Lyons

(1848–1929) Maritcha was an American educator, civic leader, suffragist, and public speaker. In 1892, she founded the Women’s Loyal Union of New York and Brooklyn. one of the first women's rights and racial justice organizations in the United States. The organization helped fund the printing of Ida B. Wells’ anti-lynching pamphlet, "Southern Horrors: Lynch Laws in All Its Phases."

In 1897, Victoria Earle Matthews, a journalist for the New York Age, and Maritcha Remond Lyons founded the White Rose Association, a social settlement that provided assistance to southern, black women migrants in Manhattan. She was also a member of the Colored Women's Equal Suffrage League of Brooklyn, an organization dedicated to voting rights for African-American women.

Maritcha was a dedicated teacher for 50 years and rose to the position of assistant principal of an integrated public school. She was the second African-American to hold such a position.


Cypress Hills Cemetery

833 Jamaica Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11208 USA

Kings County

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