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Marie Regula Saul Jenney

(1842–1922) Marie was born in Syracuse and lived there for the majority of her years. She is viewed as an early leader and pioneer of the women's movement(s) in the area. She served as President of the Political Equity Club, Women's Democratic Club and the Onondaga County Suffrage Association. In 1906 as a leader of the Kanatendah Club, she hosted the New York State Women's Suffrage Association Convention. In 1912, Marie joined in the first suffrage march in New York City.

When Marie stepped away from some of work within the numerous organizations she was a member of, leaders would come to her for advice. Marie Jenney was the mother of two daughters, Miss Julie R. Jenney and Mrs. Frederic C. Howe, who followed in her footsteps.


Oakwood Cemetery

Section 27, Plot 55

940 Comstock Avenue, Syracuse, NY 13210

Onondaga County

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