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Lucy Earle Sprague

(1851/52–1903) Lucy was active in a number of organizations in Rochester that were known to support woman suffrage; including AME Zion Church and Susan B. Anthony Club. The prominent activist Hester Jeffrey organized the Susan B. Anthony Club for Colored Women in Rochester and served as its first president. The club drew many members from the AME Zion Church, including Lucy. She and Jeffrey were colleagues and supporters in their church work as well as in their suffrage and civil rights activism. They both sought to bridge the divide between black and white suffrage activists.

At the 1903 celebration of Susan B. Anthony's birthday, club members joined other special guests in presenting Anthony with an enamel green and white pin in the shape of a four-leaf clover bearing the initials of their club. In general, the Susan B. Anthony Club for Colored Women met to discuss the importance of obtaining woman suffrage, but the members also sought to get young black women admitted to the University of Rochester. The first young black man had graduated from the university in 1891. When Lucy died in 1903, she was still fulfilling her duties for both the church and the club.


Mount Hope Cemetery

Range 1, Surnames L-Z, Lots 101-280

1133 Mount Hope Avenue, Rochester, NY 14620

Monroe County

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