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Katrina Brandes Ely Tiffany

(1875–1927) Katrina was an 1897 graduate of Bryn Mawr College and a fierce advocate for women's rights—much to the dismay of her husband, Charles Lewis Tiffany. She was not deterred.

Katrina served as president of the New York Collegiate Equal Franchise League for five years. She was the recording secretary of the Woman Suffrage Party of New York. Katrina chaired the War Service Committee of the NAWSA during World War I. Donations of knitted items to sailors was one of their many projects. In 1916, she joined others to welcome President Wilson to the Atlantic City Suffrage Convention. 1917 found her marching down Fifth Ave in Manhattan as pat of a suffrage parade. Katrina was an Executive Committee member of the NY Infirmary for Women and Children as well as the Sunnyside Day Nursery. Carrie Chapman Catt spoke at her memorial service stating " The life of Katrina Ely Tiffany was the best example of what a good citizen should be".


Memorial Cemetery of St. John's Church

1704 Route 25-A, Syosset, NY 11724

Nassau County

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