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Katherine Sophie Dreier

(1877–1952) "Kate", as she was called, was best known as an artist who supported other artists and a social reformer. Born in Brooklyn, NY to well-off German immigrant parents, Kate was afforded many opportunities; her parents were active in supporting their community and expected the same from their children.

As a young woman, Kate worked with her mother who founded the German House for Recreation of Women and Children. She served as treasurer for nine years. As an adult Kate was an active suffragist. She was a member of the International Woman Suffrage Alliance, attending their 1909 convention in Stockholm, Sweden. In 1910, Kate founded and directed the Manhattan Trade School to train young women to enter the manual trades. In 1915, she headed the German American Committee of Woman Suffrage in New York City. While in declining health, Kate continued to write and lecture during the last ten years of her life.


Green-Wood Cemetery

Section 167, Lot 17004

500 25th St, Brooklyn, NY 11232

Kings County

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