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Henry Rogers Selden

(1805–1885) Henry is best known as the lawyer who defended Susan B Anthony after she voted in the election of 1872.

Born in Connecticut, Henry moved to Rochester where he studied law, set up a private practice, and became a community advocate. He served as a trustee to the Industrial School, established to support homeless children. Along with Hiram Sibley and others, he participated in establishing a company that became Western Union.

Henry served as the Reporter for the New York State Court of Appeals, and was later appointed an Associate Judge to this court. He also ran for elected positions serving in the New York State Legislature and as Lt Governor. Henry Selden advised Susan B. Anthony to vote after examining her extensive research on the topic. He paid her bail when she was arrested. At Susan B. Anthony's trial in June, 1873, Henry argued his case before a pre-ordained judge and jury. The outcome is well known.


Mount Hope Cemetery

Section C, Lot 108

1133 Mount Hope Ave, Rochester, NY 14620

Monroe County

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