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Helen Christian

(1879–1930) Helen was not only a member of the Colored Women’s Suffrage Club of New York (affiliated with the New York City Woman’s Suffrage Party), but traveled with the group to attend a women’s suffrage conference in Saratoga, New York. The New York Age noted Helen's attendance in an article from September 6, 1917 saying, “Among the women who accompanied Mrs. Lewis to the convention were Mrs. M. M. Young, Mrs. Helen Christian, Miss LeRue Sand, Mrs. Ella.”

It was during this convention that a few of the members of the Colored Women's Suffrage Club felt they had been treated differently and unfairly, in comparison to the white women in attendance. On September 13, 1917, the club held a meeting to address these issues. The New York Age reported that in response to the racist allegations made, "Mrs. Helen Christian, another colored delegate, stated that she had attended every session of the convention and had not seen the slighting indication on the part of anyone to snub the colored women who were made welcome as the white women to all privileges and courtesies."

In 1929, Helen Christian was listed as living at what was once the headquarters of the Colored Women's Suffrage Club of New York City, at 2285 Seventh Avenue. Bio courtesy of


Flushing Cemetery

Grave 2084, Section R. I

163-6 46th Avenue, Queens, NY 11358

Queens County

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