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Guelma Penn Anthony McLean

Although there is no record that she participated in the women's rights movement or other social reforms, Guelma was in complete sympathy with Susan's activism. In November, 1872, though very ill, she left her sickbed and walked with her sisters Susan, Hannah Anthony Mosher, and Mary Anthony to the voter registration site to register to vote. Four days later, she again walked to the polls to cast her ballot.

At the conclusion of Susan's trial for voting, the United States v. Susan B. Anthony, Susan spent the
rest of that summer and fall of 1873 at Guelma's bedside, taking complete charge of her
nursing care. By all accounts, she was a superb nurse and was determined to make her
beloved sister's final days as comfortable as possible.


Mount Hope Cemetery

Section C, Plot 93

1133 Mount Hope Avenue, Rochester, NY 14620

Monroe County

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