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Emma J. Skiff Becker

(1859–1937) Emma was a proud member of the Easton Political Equality Club, the first suffrage club in Washington County. From 1891 to 1917 the Easton Political Equality Club had a mission- to prove to people that women, as citizens of the United States of America, deserved the right to vote. Like the "good wives" they were, Lucy Allen, Chloe Sisson, Emma J. Skiff Becker and the ladies of the Easton PEC used their influence as wives & mothers, neighbors & friends, to convince many men in the area to vote in favor of female suffrage.

This tireless effort culminated on November 6, 1917 when male voters all across New York approved the measure guaranteeing the right to vote to citizens of the state regardless of sex. The measure passed statewide by about 80,000 votes, in Washington County by 188 votes & in Easton by 18 votes. It would be another 3 years before the 19th Amendment would be ratified.

The women of the Easton PEC continued to serve their communities through the library, the grange, the school board, and a book club. Emma was superintendent of press work for the EPEC for a number of years.


Woodlands Cemetery

Possibly Sec F 75-77

7 Cemetery Avenue, Cambridge, NY 12816

Washington County

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