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Emily Howland

(1827-29–1929) Emily accomplished a lot in her 101 years. Raised by Quaker parents, Emily was an abolitionist, educator and a supporter of suffrage.

During the 1860s she resided in Virginia teaching newly slaves to read. Emily established a school for the children of former slaves in Heathsville, VA. Returning home in 1881, Emily continued to support education for all through donations and serving as an advisor. She was the director of the Sherwood Select School until 1926 when it became a public school named in her honor.

Emily lent her voice to suffrage. She met with Susan B Anthony and Elizabeth Cady Stanton to organize lectures on voting rights. Emily spoke at the 30th anniversary of the Women's Convention in Seneca Falls. She spoke before Congress, participated in two women's parades in New York City and met Queen Victoria in London to discuss suffrage issues.

Emily was the first female director of a national bank and ran her family farm until her death. To say she led a full life feels like a bit of an understatement. She wished to have these words upon her stone: "I strove to realize myself and to serve" and "Purposes nobly fulfilled".


Howland Cemetery (in a farm field)

Sherwood Road (42A), Aurora, NY 13206

Cayuga County

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