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Emeline Smith Hicks

(1816–1903) As a member of the Rensselaer County Woman’s Christian Temperance Union, Emeline Hicks took on several leadership roles and served as president of her local Lansingburgh union. Her temperance work connected her to the suffrage movement with many activists devoted to both issues, and Emeline is listed as president of the New York Woman Suffrage Association’s Lansingburgh club in a report dated 1894. In 1896, as a widow in her 80s, Emeline lacked the resources to make a monetary contribution, so she chose to sew a quilt and donate it to the association. She requested that the quilt be given directly to Susan B. Anthony to help raise money for the cause. In the letter that accompanied the quilt, Emeline wrote: “I hope that showers of blessings may rest upon the quilt in its meanderings to and fro, and that it bless you with a handsome sum for helping lift the burden from the State Suffrage association. When its meanderings are over, and it is nestled quietly in its own home, I would like to know the result.”

June 13, 1903
Th[e] Matron of the Home for the Friendless, Lansingburg, N.Y.
Dear Friend,–
I had a letter addressed to Mrs. Emeline S. Hicks returned to me today saying she was dead. I send it to you that you may see that I always thought a great deal of her. She was faithful to the cause of Woman Suffrage. She frequently wrote me letters, and a few years ago made a quilt that was struck off for $60 or $70, to help the cause.
If you would write a word with regard to her I would be greatly obliged to you.
Sincerely Yours,
Susan B. Anthony


Oakwood Cemetery

Section F, Lot 142, Grave 2

50 101st Street, Troy, NY, 12182

Rensselaer County

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