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Eliza Robertson Gifford

(1830–1911) As an outspoken member of the New York State Grange, Eliza Gifford urged the influential agricultural organization to support women's suffrage. After years of campaigning by Eliza and other NYSWA activists, the New York State Grange endorsed an equal suffrage resolution at its 1881 convention in Utica, NY.

Eliza’s resolution was followed up in local subordinate Granges throughout the state and the Grange was key to bringing the suffrage cause to rural communities. Though anti-suffrage views persisted among some members, many Grangers took up the cause, sending petitions to the state legislatures in Albany. Eliza continued to advocate for women’s suffrage, eventually serving as the first vice-president of the Jamestown Political Equality Club. In 1891, she brought the issue to the attention of the national Grange, and in 1893 the national Grange endorsed a resolution supporting equal suffrage for women.


Lake View Cemetery

Highland Section, Lot 24

907 Lakeview Avenue, Jamestown, NY 14701

Chautauqua County

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