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Annie Doughty

(1857–1945) Although Annie had only a grade school education, her involvement with the Women's League of the All Souls Universalist Church led her to become a political activist and leader in the Suffrage Movement. Using the academic skills she gained through the Church, she taught Suffrage History and Argument, Organization, Publicity and Press, Money Raising, and Parliamentary Law to potential women voters in Detroit. This program was so effective that it expanded to 385 schools across 25 states.

In 1919, Annie became the Fourth Vice Chairman of the New York City Woman Suffrage Party, a branch of the National Woman’s Suffrage Association. Its purpose was to unite all the New York City suffrage and equality organizations. It had 500,000 members, 20 city officers, 50 borough officers, 63 leaders of assembly districts and 2,127 captains of election districts. The party was so well led and organized that it became to be known as a “political machine.”

Annie was an instructor with the party’s “Suffrage School” organization that sent educators throughout the country to train women on how to organize, work with the press, raise funds, canvass voters, and handle objections. There were 385 Suffrage Schools in 25 states. She also served on a committee that interviewed candidates for public office and then publicized their stance on vital issues. This activity continues to be carried out today by the League of Women Voters.


The Evergreens Cemetery

1629 Bushwick Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11207

Kings County

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