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Anneliza Sleight Briggs

(1851–1941) Anneliza was a child of ten when the Civil War began and later in life recalled her childhood, as a flurry of excitement in during the abolition period.

Anneliza married Zachary Briggs and had three children. In January 1906, she was 55 years old when she joined the Honeoye Political Equality Club which was just formed with only a dozen members – all women. Local political equality clubs were established across the nation to highlight the need for women’s political and public parity. Dedicated women strove to bring attention to the issue of women’s suffrage through education, political action, and social reform. Three years after joining the Political Equality Club, Anneliza was elected treasurer of the Club, and was sent as a delegate to the County Convention in Phelps. Anneliza died in her home one week before her ninetieth birthday.


Lakeview Cemetery

4949-4911 County Road 36 (West Lake Road), Honeoye, NY 14471

Ontario County

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