Adaline Wheelock Sterling

(1847–1930) Adaline was the corresponding Secretary of the Woman Suffrage Party of New York City, Associate Editor of The Woman Voter, and President-General of the General Section of the Daughters of the Revolution (not to be confused with the Daughters of the American Revolution).

After many years as a teacher, in 1897, Adaline ran for a position on the Board of Education in Englewood and was vigorously supported by the Woman's Club. It was unclear whether or not she was actually legally eligible for the position after an 1894 Supreme Court decision took away school suffrage, arguing that women could not vote before a formal amendment was added to the Constitution. It appears that Adaline won her race, and by 1899 was serving as President of the Board.

Adaline increased her suffrage activism in the 1910s. She joined the Woman Suffrage Study Club of New York City and the Women's Political Union. She became the leader of the 19th Assembly District in the Woman Suffrage Party of New York City, for which she also served as the Corresponding Secretary. Furthermore, Adaline was active in the New York Campaign of 1917, which won New York women the right to vote. *courtesy

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