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Sarah David Bills Fish

(1798–1868) Sarah was among Rochester's most prominent early suffragist and abolitionist advocates. The Fish Family, including Sarah's husband Benjamin, and their daughters Catharine Stebbins and Mary Curtis, were involved in organizing all kinds of anti-slavery and suffrage activities. Their home was an early way-station on the Underground Railroad. Sarah was a member of the Rochester Female Anti-Slavery Society and served a term as its secretary. In 1842, she joined the Western New York Anti-Slavery Society and served on its Executive Committee. She wrote for Frederick Douglass' North Star newspaper.

Sarah and her daughter Catharine participated in the First Women's Rights Convention in Seneca Falls in 1848. Sarah helped organize the second women's rights convention two weeks later in Rochester, and delivered an address at this convention. She was part of the radical group that recommended that the Rochester convention elect a female president, and her group prevailed, selecting Abigail Bush as chair.


Mount Hope Cemetery

Section M Lot 101

1133 Mount Hope Ave, Rochester, NY 14620

Monroe County

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