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Mary C. Larkin

(–1920) Mary was a member of the Women's Political Union. That organization was founded by Harriet Stanton Blanche in 1906. It was also known as the Equality League for Self-Supporting Women. Their goal was to engage the support of women in wage-supporting occupations. During the great campaign of 1915, the Union was always looking for new ways to draw attention to the amendment. One of the ways was to gain the support of the Catholic clergy. The Saint Catherine Association of Catholic Women (founded by Sarah McPike) was a key part of the Catholic initiative. 500 Catholic women marched in the last suffrage parade in New York City in 1917. Mary was among a group of women who were cited for unceasingly writing and speaking up. Source: History of Womens Suffrage. Vol. 6.


St. Agnes Cemetery of Utica

601 Arthur Street, Utica, NY 13501

Oneida County

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