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Jennie O. Curtis Cannon

(1851–1929) Jennie was a prominent suffragist and member of the New York State Equal Suffrage Association, first serving as district director and then third vice president. She went on to become the Vice President of the National American Woman Suffrage Association.

Known for her forceful and talented speaking skills, Jennie was active on the local level. She maintained the Delhi, New York headquarters for the suffrage campaign. In 1914, Jennie organized an Equal Suffrage Convention in Delhi which included Carrie Chapman Catt as a speaker.

In 1915, she organized a mass suffrage meeting in Hancock, New York, and advocated for suffrage by driving around Delaware County in her decorated automobile. Jennie provided the club with its headquarters.


Woodland Cemetery

Plot Lot: 493

2 Orchard Street, Delhi, NY 13753

Delaware County

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