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Charlotte (Lottie) Henderson

(1877–1949) “Lottie” as she was known, was recognized in July 1906 by the New York Age for being an efficient president of the Northeastern Federation of Women's Clubs for two terms while also holding her presidency of the Auxilium Club and the Telephone Club, a club she had founded that paid the expenses of phones for the sick and dying through the parishioners of Dr. W.T. Dixon's church.

In 1914, Charlotte helped with the Empire State Federation of Women's Clubs (ESFWC), as the organization held its annual meeting at Concord Baptist Church. Charlotte was affiliated with the ESFWC through the Dorcas Home Missionary Society as well as through friendships with other notable Concord Baptist Church women, who were also active with the ESFWC. In 1914, the group discussed plans for a Harriet Tubman memorial. This event was a reunion for the New York City delegates at the prior year's meeting as well as Minnie Brown, M.C. Lawton, and Lucretia Freeman. At one point, Charlotte "Lottie" Henderson served as chair of the executive board of the Empire State Federation of Women's Clubs. (Courtesy


Slate Hill Cemetery

South Church Street, Goshen, NY, 10924

Orange County

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